Vacuum forming machines for:

-Base plates
-Individual Trays
-Clear splint
-Mouth guards
-Temporary crown and bridges
-Bleaching trays


Sabilex Vacuum Forming System

Thermoforming Machine — Bubble free. Re-seal bag — Vacuum sealed — High quality and great variety of sheets.

Art.: P105
Easy-to-use system.
Use 5”x5” resin sheets.
Available in 220 Volt and 110 Volt. Machine weight: 7 kg.
Symmetrical heating system.
Lightweight, rust-free aluminum frame

P 330

Easy cut.
Removes thermo-formed sheets from master cast without damaging.

P 400 Blockout putty

A high temperature resistant compound for blocking out undercuts.
Will not stick to model and it´s reusable.

P 060

Silicone spray.
It prevents sticking problems associated with vacuum forming both in the model and in the frame.



A high quality cutting wheel used for hard sheet resin.
A high quality cutting pointsaw

Proflex System

The semi flexible system that offers a totally new way of making dentures and partials.


Proflex NFC Material.
A flexible acrylic that can be used with the Proflex system or with regular acrylic appliances. It is excellent for repairing flexible Proflex appliances, or adding clasps. The Repair Material works great for adding names to dentures, for repairing cracks, and for adding flexible clasps.

P 818

Sheets, a rigid side and the other side resilient.
To complete dentures exceeded included.