M100 Brochure

Provides detailed information on Sabilex materials for the making of flexible partials, retainers and more. 

S100 Brochure

Sabilex injection system description: microinjectors, materials and cartridges. Provides additional marketing materials information for distributors, dental labs and dentists.

Display ES 100

Brochure display with information and real samples of Sabilex materials.

Lobby display EM 100

Brochure with information for patients.

Sample Models


See it to believe it!
Offer doctors attractive sample models to show to their patients. Increase your sales with the quality and aesthetics of Sabilex dentures.

Shade Guide and Materials Samples

Let doctors and patients choose their best option.

Delivery Kit

Denture bag with material identification, customer recomendations and Sabilex sticker.

Marketing Kit M 20

Includes a variety of promotional items.


Detailed instructions on the use of injection machine. Includes denture making techniques.