Sabilex® is a worldwide leading manufacturer of microinjection machines and materials for the making of flexible partials, dentures, acetalic resin, aesthetic retainers, clasps, and frameworks, thermoplastic acrylic for dentures and more.

Producing also thermoforming machines, vacuum forming machine sheets, micromotors, hanging lathes, hand lathes, grinder buffers, model trimmers, and high speed polisher grinders.

Since 1951, Sabilex® has been a symbol of high quality, innovation and reliability in the dental industry.

A universe of applications

Sabilex injection System – Flexible Partials – Aesthetic and functional metal free dentures.

New technology and constant research have given SABILEX® the possibility of gradually widening its product line and of exporting worldwide. It is our hope to constantly extend our reach to more places; therefore, interested dealers are welcomed to join us.

5 FDA medical grade and CE certified materials.

Our company has a clear policy of focusing permanently on client’s and market’s needs through strategies of anticipation, loyalty, and assistance in order to build long lasting business relationships.

Ready to use humidity free cartridges | Sizes o 25- o 22- o 28 mm | 23 colour shades

High quality products and good prices have turned the name SABILEX® into a synonym for excellence and trust in the South American market.



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